Spring 2013 Newsletter


We hope you’ve had a great start to the year so far.

There’s been lots of exciting news and developments at ElasticHosts this Spring. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Cloud Servers Available in Four New Data Centres
  • Managed Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Websites
  • New Tutorials
    – How to set up a VPN on ElasticHosts
  • New ElasticHosts Website

Cloud Servers Available in Four New Data Centres

Last month we expanded our global footprint by launching Cloud Servers in our four new data centres in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sydney & San Jose. Our new Data Centres offer fast network links, more options for setting up redundancy as well as a choice of jurisdiction for data storage. To try Cloud Servers in any of our new Data Centres, simply sign up for a Free Trial and choose your Data Centre from ‘Desired Location’.

Start your free trial in any of our new Data Centres today!

Managed Cloud Servers

Need someone to take care of setting up, managing and monitoring your servers on your behalf? Managed Cloud Servers is your solution. Benefit from custom modifications, upgrades, back-up and disaster recovery, 24/7 monitoring, support and more. It’s absolutely great if you don’t have the time or resource to manage your own servers. Learn more about Managed Cloud Servers

Cloud Websites

If you’re looking to host a simple website and want complete redundancy then Cloud Websites is your solution. Servers are run across multiple independent ElasticHosts data centres meaning there is no single point of failure. Real-time automatic scaling of server resources when you get a spike in traffic ensures your site is always online and always fast. Coupled with a powerful yet user-friendly control panel, Cloud Websites makes managing your hosting a simple and painless process. Learn more about Cloud Websites >>

New Tutorials – How to set up a VPN on ElasticHosts

We’ve put together new tutorials that explains how to set up a Linux or Windows VPN server on your ElasticHosts virtual machine, and connect securely through this VPN server from your local office workstations. Check them out now:

Creating your Server on Linux Server / on Windows Server.
Connecting to your Server from Linux / from Windows.

New ElasticHosts Website

We’ve refreshed our website to feature lots more content, useful tools and more including:

  • The true Benefits of ElasticHosts Cloud Servers
  • Not sure which service to choose? Try our Cloud Hosting Solutions Finder
  • Interested in becoming a Reseller? See our [Reseller Programs](/reseller-programs/ "Reseller Program)
  • If you haven’t checked it out, visit www.elastichosts.com.

We hope you like it.   As always, please email support@elastichosts.com if you have any questions.