Search bar

If you run dozens of servers on ElasticHosts, you might have felt that finding a specific Cloud Server or Drive isn't always easy. We are happy to introduce the new search function of the ElasticHosts control panel which will help you clear the clutter and find the cloud unit you are looking for in no time.

The ElasticHosts control panel is built on the ElasticHosts API that creates and controls virtual servers and other cloud resources on our infrastructure. The search bar provides a simple yet powerful full-text, exact-match search function that leverages on the API.

How It Works

The search operates on folders, drives, and server attributes. You can search for any attribute the API knows (returns on info calls), by using a <key>:<value> search. For example, enter "CPU:2000" into the search bar to search for servers with 2000 MHz CPU.

Those are the key/value pairs returned by the corresponding "info" calls for those objects: Folder info, Drive info and Server info.

How Search Can Help You

Since the search function runs on the API, it has great versatility. We present a few examples for how you can utilise the function.

Search by name

If you have given unique names to your cloud units, you can search for every Cloud Server/Drive/Folder by typing their name into the search bar. If you are searching for a Drive's or Folder's name, you will also see the server(s) they are attached to.

Search by IP

Similarly to the above example, you can search for Cloud Servers by their allocated (both static and dynamic) IPs. This is very useful when you need to locate which of your servers hosts a web application.

Filter by configuration

You can filter your control panel view on Cloud Servers with specific CPU and RAM sizes by using the <key>:<value> format (e.g CPU:2000) in the search bar.

Filter by server type

You can filter your control panel view to only Cloud VM or Cloud Containers by searching for type:vm or type:container.

Filter by status

You can search for a specific status, e.g using status:stopped will filter your view to show only turned off servers. This might come handy when you get a notification on a server shutdown and you need to investigate the matter.

Search by SSH key

If you have used the custom SSH key feature of the control panel and add public SSH keys via the servers' configuration page, you can find servers which accept a specific SSH key by entering the user:<key> tag in the search bar.

For resellers and white-labels - search by UUID

The search feature is very useful for our partners, and they can also benefit from the ability to filter servers by customer UUID.

Give It a Try!

Log in and give it a try! We hope you will find the provided search examples useful in managing your infrastructure.

Let us know if you came up with another way for using the search function.