ElasticHosts platform update: July 2016

We rolled out the latest July update of our platform last week to every zone. The visible part of the update is a bit slim, but we also made fundamental changes to the platform which customers probably won't notice. Let's see what are the visible improvements in the platform.

List of changes

Bug fixes:

  • PDF invoices: We fixed an error that broke the formatting of some documents. Also, the invoices will now correctly display the personal details (address) as they were at the actual time of the transaction in question, not at the point when the invoice is requested.

  • Billing: We fixed an issue and now the auto top-up monthly limit is displayed correctly.

  • API: We fix an issue where calling unsync on the target drive of a live copy caused an error.

  • Control panel: We fixed an issue where an incorrect "Server Error" message was displayed instead of the accurate "cannot connect to VNC" message for users who tried to gain VNC access to turned off or unavailable virtual machines.

New feature for resellers:

  • Custom licence subscriptions: Resellers are now able to extend their licence subscription offerings from the Microsoft SPLA catalogue beyond the already available licenses.

That's the content of the latest update. As always, any issues should be reported to our support team.

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