How do I extend drives on Windows Server 2003?

Here is the procedure to extend drives on Window Server 2003:

  • Install server (this will create single System partition, which you cannot extend)
  • Switch off server and increase disk size on EH control panel
  • Start server again

Create new partition:

  • Open up the disk management window (Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage)
  • Right click on the unallocated space and create a new partition
  • Follow the wizard to create basic primary partition formatted with NTFS – this will create a second partition that you will be able to extend

Extend new partition:

  • Switch off server and increase disk size again
  • Start server again
  • Open up disk management as in stage 4 to see unallocated space
  • Open command prompt
  • diskpart.exe
  • List volume
  • Select volume
  • Extend – this will extend the selected volume to fill the available unallocated space
  • check disk management window to see extended partition

See Microsoft Support for further instructions.  We also recommend setting the virtual NIC in the advanced server configuration settings to Realtek RTL8139, rather than the default Intel PRO/1000.