Guest article: Cloud Computing Can Help Your Company Go Green

Cloud Computing Can Help Your Company Go Green

As climate change has garnered global attention and consumers have placed significant value in companies with sustainable business practices, it’s never been more important for a company to seek ways to go green. Though some efforts may require significant investments, an easy upgrade—that could actually save your company money—is to move toward cloud-based service.

Small businesses with in-house server rooms waste a lot of energy storing data, even though it’s not really necessary. According to a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council, these companies spend as much as 30 percent of their energy consumption powering and cooling data servers 24 hours a day. The cloud is an opportunity to eliminate that energy waste and lower business electricity costs. If every company switched out its data servers for cloud-based services, they could collectively save $2 billion in energy costs, according to the report.

Beyond the energy-saving benefits of using cloud-based platform, you have the opportunity to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and make it a more sustainable place to work.