Goodbye to all VAT

Good news for all non-UK customers: as of today, we offer non-VAT billing. That means that if you’re registered outside the UK, we can now automatically remove UK Value Added Tax from your ElasticHosts bill. So you don’t need to worry about reclaiming it later. The UK tax authorities require us to ask you for proof first, so please send us one of the following:

  • EU companies: your EU VAT registration number.
  • Rest of the World: proof of local company registration — such as a company number and copy of registration certificate, and a link to your government’s website to verify your company number.

Also, please make your company registration certificate as beautiful as possible — extra points will be given for elaborate stamps, copperplate writing and flying eagles. We like the seals on this Nevada business licence: Nevada Company Certificate(By the way, you only need to worry about this if you’re on one of our UK clusters: lon-p or lon-b. Customers on our sat-p cluster in the US have never been, and never will be, charged VAT.)