ElasticHosts Opens In New Sydney Data Centre

Sydney DC

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our Australian cloud server location in Sydney. We have successfully moved data centres to Equinix SY3 and upgraded our virtualization hardware. This brings you several exciting new developments:

1) We’ve slashed bandwidth prices

60% reduction in Sydney bandwidth price: **
Previous cost: $0.65 USD per GB
New cost: $0.25 USD per GB**

Australia is notoriously expensive for bandwidth prices. As elaborated in this CloudFlare blog post, data transfer there costs 20x what it does in Europe.

However, by expanding our partnership with Equinix we were able to negotiate a better bandwidth deal with our upstream providers and pass these savings on to you.

2) Elastic Containers are now available

We launched Elastic Containers in North America, Europe and Hong Kong in April this year and are delighted to bring them to Sydney with this upgrade, making them available in every country that we operate in.

Elastic Containers are our high performance, low-cost, auto-scaling Linux cloud servers. Since they are billed only on resources used rather than resources allocated, they can be an extremely attractive solution for any server that has low load periods.

This should also mean that an even lower price point is achievable for anyone seeking servers in Australia.

3) Upgraded virtualization hardware

Our new Sydney site is built with the latest Intel virtualization hardware, offering improved performance and larger maximum server sizes (up to 64GB RAM).

4) Expanded support in Asia/Australia

We have increased the size of our support team in this timezone, so now you might hear some Australian accents on the phone!