Elastichosts moves into larger premises

Elastichosts has been stretching and expanding. In recent months we’ve been scaling up smoothly, just like our servers, and now we’re larger and faster than ever. We nearly doubled our number of data centres in February and we’ve been enlarging our global team, too. We’re used to running as much as we can in the cloud, but we occasionally need bricks, mortar and tea-making facilities, so we’ve seamlessly swapped our global headquarters in Chiswick, London, into a nearby office with greater capacity. You can now find us in the spacious and modern Power Road Studios: Power Road StudiosWe’ll be sad to move out of the Park, but we’ve outgrown our old offices. Just before we left we were delighted that two of our tirelessly helpful sales team, Anna and Paul, were presented with the Enjoy-Work ‘Double Trouble’ award for being as involved in the Chiswick Park community as it’s possible to be! Paul and Anna with their awardSo thank you, Chiswick Park, and all its denizens!